About Us

Who We Are

We are TikTok Spartans and we were established in early 2022. We are now one of the leading TikTok Live agencies in the UK with new creators joining daily. We are growing fast and our live creators are at the forefront of the platform.

Spartans is owned and managed by experienced influencers with knowledge and understanding of how the app works, how to get the most from your live streams and how to maximise your income


Benefits of TikTok Live:

TikTok LIVE is an incredible way to earn an income whilst being in any location at any time! You can hit the GO LIVE button at anytime and instantly join a community of hosts earning an income by the second! Whether your already an established influencer or you just want to try something new TikTok LIVE is for everybody!

Why US?

TikTok Spartans are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best experience from the second you hit the GO LIVE button.

Training and Support

Unlimited training and support to ensure you are able to maximise the potential of your live streaming from Day 1

Exclusive Competitions

These are only available to the Spartans. Our exclusive comps run regularly and will help boost your account and increase your diamonds which all turns into withdrawable rewards.

Appealing Account Suspensions

In the event that your account gets suspended we are able to support you with the appeals process as well as fast tracking the return of your account to get you broadcasting again.