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Agency Day - 29th September 2023

We were very pleased to invite a handful of our Tiktok Creators to the London offices of Tiktok HQ! This event was incredible as we were joined by 30 creators and we celebrated their sucess. Some of these creators had been with us for less then a month and had already been given the opportunity to visit the Tiktok London HQ!
Take a look at how happy our creators were and just how fun the event was!

Spartans Monthly Tournament

Every month at Spartans we choose 20 of our top creators who have shown the most passion and willingness to grow and invite them to participate in our monthly tournament. This tournament consists of multiple knockout rounds to which creators must battle against eachother to identify who has the strongest support network in each battle! The last creator standing at the end of the 5 day tournament is rewarded between £500 & £2000!
Have a look below at our previous tournaments and our winners!