How do I earn an income?

When you are livestreaming to an audience each and every viewer has the potential to send you a virtual gift that appears on your screen. These gifts convert into withdrawable funds once you end your livestream. Creators can earn uncapped rewards daily with some of our creators earning up to 5Million diamonds in a week which converts into almost £25,000!

TikTok’s LIVE Match mode within its livestream feature turbocharges it – pitting two users against one another and declaring a victor based on who can draw the most paid ‘gifts’ in five minutes.

How much is a TikTok Universe?

It costs 34,999 coins to buy & send a TikTok Universe virtual gift to someone. During battles on tiktok lives hosts can be seen to recieve multiple of these virtual gifts in a 5 minute period which equates to thousands of withdrawal funds or rewards the TikTok Universe is still one of the most expensive virtual gifts available in the app.

How much is a TikTok Lion?

It costs 29,999 coins to buy & send a TikTok Lion virtual gift to someone. The lion is one of the more popular gifts as it unleashes an incredible roar once sent to a live host this is definately a gift that will suprise you once gifted!

That does not mean to say that these are the only Virtual gifts that can pay you! EVERY single gift you receive whilst on live is withdrawal funds from $1 all the way to $450.

Below are some of the lower priced virtual gifts that are sent at a much higher paced rate for those viewers who can not necessarily afford the higher priced gifts.

How many followers do you need to receive gifts?

You need 1,000 followers on TikTok to be able to receive gifts on your Live streams BUT with Spartans we can enable live access with 0 followers for anyone who joins us!

How we reward our hosts:

We offer the BEST rewards for our creators, ANY creators who earn over 200,000 diamonds in a monthly period will receive virtual gifts from us directly at a time of their choosing. This can range from a £50 Virtual gift to £1000’s of pounds of virtual gift combinations as a reward for their growth on the app.